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Tim Sylvia vs. Paul Buentello featured on “War on the Mainland” PPV slot


Below you will find a clip featuring  the “War on the Mainland” PPV promo spot. Two-time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia takes on power punching Paul Buentello in the main event, live from Bren Events Center in Irvine, California.

This promo is produced much better then the last time I saw Tim Sylvia in a PPV promo, which was one of the most God awful things I have ever seen. The below clip shows the video, as well the result of the actual fight between Sylvia and Mercer.

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Affliction – Day of Reckoning post fight thoughts


Affliction 2 “Day of Reckoning” was a lot better then Affliction 1. For some reason it was hard for me to get excited about Affliction 1, even though the card seemed pretty stellar on paper.

Affliction 2 had some noticeable differences. The original announce team of “Big” John McCarthy, Jay Glazer and Frank Trigg was replaced by Tito Ortiz, Sean Wheelock and color commentator Jimmy Smith. Tito tripped up here and there but all in all seemed to do pretty well. Michael Buffer was not announcing fights, I don’t know if this was a move to save some cash or if he was announcing the Margarito/Mosley boxing match. I am assuming the latter.

No Megadeth this time. Good move.

Now to the fights that left an impression on me.
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