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A Women’s MMA reality show is coming to NBC


Looks like NBC is cashing in on the MMA craze. In September they will air a women’s based MMA reality show called Ultimate Women’s Challenge.

The show will be hosted by Bas Rutten and model and Dancing with the Stars competitor Joanna Krupa. I don’t know what link Krupa has to MMA, if any.

The show is set to air in the fall, but it doesn’t look like a time has been set. This info comes from the website:

Ultimate Women Challenge is set to air in 60 million households on NBC and its network affiliates nationwide in 2010. Check your local TV listings.

Here are the participants:

Alexis Davis
Angela Hayes
Angela Magana
Brandi Hainey
Colleen Schneider
Heather Jo Clark
Jessica Aquilar
Julie Kedzie
Karina Hallinan
Kristin Molina
Lacey Schuckman
Martha Benavides
Melissa Steele
Michelle Ould
Michelle Vera
Patricia Vidonic

Hardcore MMA fans might recognize the name Julie Kedzie. She lost a decision to Gina Carano in the EliteXC days. In the promo video below, they feature Felice Herrig, who was a contestant on Oxygen Networks Fight Girls, a women’s based muay thai reality series. She is not listed on the websites roster, however.

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