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Let Paterson know you want MMA legalized in NY


As the Daily News reported this morning, Governor Paterson is planning to include MMA regulation in his state budget proposal.

The Governor and legislators need to hear support for this – right now. Here’s what you can do:

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2 Responses to “Let Paterson know you want MMA legalized in NY”

  1. DC

    It’s funny how the sport is “barbaric” and “controversial” right up until the point where these assclowns need money, and then it’s suddenly a good idea.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want MMA in New York. As a fan and as a New Yorker, I haven’t been able to go out to Vegas or California to see these shows, and a UFC or Strikeforce event at Madison Square Garden would definitely draw lots of people like me, who buy the PPVs but have never been to a live show.

    But this idiots, who once went the better part of three decades without passing a state budget on time, under the illustrious leadership of state senators and assemblymen now indicted in federal corruption investigations, clearly never had any moral qualms about MMA. If it was supposedly so barbaric two years ago, how is it any less barbaric now that they need the money?

    Also of note in the Daily News article: The cigarette tax “that would be devoted to health care.” The money from the already sky-high cigarette taxes does not go into any special “health care” or prevention fund—it goes into the general fund, just like other special taxes and fees.

    A perfect example is the ATV registration fees that were supposed to go to building state trails and instead have been dumped into the general fund for 25+ years, so that our criminal politicians can use it for their legal bribes when it comes time to dole out appropriations money.

    So again, legalizing MMA in New York has nothing to do with the sport’s safety, or its supposed level of barbarism, and it has everything to do with providing another revenue source for the criminals in state government to draw on when re-election season rolls around and they’re all lining up for a slice of the pork.

    If MMA is legalized and it results in an inaugural event at Madison Square Garden, we should put Paterson, Sheldon Silver, the now-retired (and indicted) Joe Bruno, Michael Bloomberg, former county exec Andrew Spano and the various other assclowns in state/local government on undercard, so we can watch them get their asses beat. It won’t mean we get our wasted tax dollars back, but it would be satisfying to watch them get knocked out and submitted in front of 20,000 of the people they’ve been screwing all these years.

  2. Houseworth44@microsoft.com

    Woh I like your posts, saved to fav!

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