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Kimbo Slice takes on Roy Nelson tonight on “The Ultimate Fighter”


In what may be the most watched episode in “The Ultimate Fighter” history, Kimbo Slice will take on former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson tonight for a chance to advance in the TUF 10 heavyweight tournament.

The casual fan, or youtube monger, will probably think that Kimbo is going to walk through Nelson, especially given Nelson’s less then Herculean physique; I am pretty confident that “Big Country” will be the fighter advancing tonight.

Picture 4

I suspect that Roy will try to showcase some of his stand up and box a bit with Kimbo. If Roy gets caught with some powerful strikes, expect him to seek an immediate take down and utilize his jiu-jitsu skills, which are plenty, in an effort to submit Kimbo. If he doesn’t get caught, I suspect Nelson will probably box as long as he can, then shoot for the take down once he starts to get tired.

Both of these guys have headlined main events in major MMA promotions, and now find themselves fighting for a shot in the big leagues in the confines of The Ultimate Fighter gym. Regardless of the outcome, I am really looking forward to tonight’s episode.

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