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Holly Madison guest UFC 100 ring girl?


Holly Madison, Playboy model and star of “The Girls Next Door” television series, announced via her twitter account that she has been fit for a UFC ring girl outfit.

“Had my ufc ring girl fitting today! Outfit looks bad ass!”, tweeted Madison.

I wonder if Dana White is hiring celebrity guest ring girls for the UFC 100 event. I’ll let you know, since I am going to the event.

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19 Responses to “Holly Madison guest UFC 100 ring girl?”

  1. GBaby

    “I’ll let you know, since I am going to the event.”

    ARE YA? Way to brag Larry

  2. Too Funny

    Criss Angel couldn’t stand this floozie anymore. Yes Criss finally work up and realized she is just a paid whore.

    But …..

    now his manger is dating Holly Ho – Jason Verona.

  3. Steven Relation

    Are you sure that the person on twitter is actually her ? i mean there are lots of fakers out there.

  4. Larry Vollmer

    Steven – this is the official twitter account linked off of her website.

  5. corey

    she appears in Dana’s video blog via youtube wearing the outfit.

  6. Larry Vollmer

    Yeah it looks like it is official. Remember where you heard it first.

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