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Cheick Congo intentionally hit Cro-Crop with a groin strike


I just found this interview with UFC heavyweight Cheick Congo. In the interview, he discusses his match with Cro-Cop and how one of the knees he threw to the Croation kickboxer’s groin was intentional.

If the guy comes close to me and gets kneed in his balls, it’s not my fault, you know? And of course, you, know, I tried to do the best thing but I was in the moment and the position changed, and he was in a good position for him, of course for me too. The last knee in the balls wasn’t an accident because he was complaining about different knees in his balls but they were inside his legs. And that upset me.” said Congo.

Yikes. Don’t aggravate Congo inside the cage.

Cro-Cop hasn’t had a lot of luck in the groin strike department. Alistair Overeem delivered a knee strike so devastating to Cro-Cop’s groin during their bout at the Dream 6 card that the fight was ruled a no contest.

Cro-Cop is preparing for his return at UFC 99 – The Comeback. He faces British fighter Mustapha Al-Turk at UFC 99 in Cologne, Germany.

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