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Chuck Liddell might fight in the UFC again


A few weeks removed from personally retiring Chuck Liddell, Dana White seems to be backing off of those words a bit.

“Trust me when I tell you, he’s ready to retire,” White said. “He’s ready to retire. It’s the reason we love Chuck Liddell. He has nothing left to prove. He’s got a [expletive]load of money. He’s been a world champion. He’s beaten a who’s who of mixed martial arts fighters. He’s the most famous guy in the sport. There’s no reason to fight. He’s 40 years old, man. He and I had an agreement. We had a deal.

“Am I his father? Can I tell him not to fight? Absolutely not. If he still wants to fight, he can fight. I’m not saying, ‘It will never happen. It will never happen.’ But he made a deal with me. He’s never not listened to me. We’ll see what happens.”

Chuck Liddell still has one fight left on his UFC contract. He was brutally knocked out for the 2nd consecutive time at UFC 97.

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7 Responses to “Chuck Liddell might fight in the UFC again”

  1. wesley corado

    hell yea he will fight in the ufc again, dana wants that big money he`s not gna let affliction or strikeforce have it.

  2. Carman

    I have been following the UFC since UFC:1 in 93, I’ve boxed, wreastled and even trained with the Gracies. I Spent many years around fighters and I know a lot about the mentality of a fighters DNA. That’s why, I believe that the long term emotional scars of leaving the UFC as a Knockout Victum for a guy who is the equivelant to (in the history the UFC) a Marciano, Ali or Tyson is in the history of Boxing, could very easily be more life damaging than anyone suspects.
    Chuck Liddell still has all the instincs of a world class warrior. And can only be beaten by a handfull of the worlds best. At 40 he is still in phenomenal shape and could knockout any human being he lands a flush shot on. That’s too much for an elite fighter like Chuck. Its just too much to have to think about year, after year, after year.
    I do agree with Dana White in everything he says as well and I believe that there is a dignified compromise for both of them.
    1 fight left on a contract can solve a lot of problems and even deepen a close friendship built on respect.
    I would ask Dana to consider allowing Chuck to fight a hand picked opponent Dana choses, so Chuck can show us (but mostly himself), one last knock-out performance. Let the man leave the sport with his head up and on his terms. Pick an established name…someone who Chuck could walk right through. And someone everyone wants to see get walked through. A worthy Villain. The Box Office would be happy and Chuck would be “The MAN” again. Fans would love to see Chuck knockout someone like, wanna be “Kimbo slice” or another “Name Athelete” who thinks they can compete in the UFC.
    Chuck can come up as the Historic Gunslinger who says “If you can’t get through me, then you can’t say the words UFC ever again.” It would be great box office, great Theater, a real Drama, The People, the fans, would love to send Chuck off as a conquering Hero.
    Putting him in with a Lioto Machido would make us all sick with worry…but watching Chuck put a Jerk to sleep that doesn’t belong in the UFC anyway, would do everybody good. Especially Chuck. Every world class performance has to have a great open and a great close. So before Chuck trys to find his great close somewhere else, Dana could find Chuck an emotionally satisfying and safe closer. Only a friend like White can make sure that happens and watch Liddells back in the process. Just let the man leave as we remember him, a beloved Champion.

  3. mike

    man, i have been watching chuck since i was young, he’s always known how to feed a hungry crowd and knockout anyone who had the nerve to step in the octagon. we need him, not only as fans of chuck liddell but as the inspiration he has been to all of us, theres no doubt in my mind that he is the most tallented and unexplainabley remarkable fighter the ufc and the world has ever known. one more fight, tell him one more just to show us AS the fans and young mentores that he still has it, show us we can believe that no matter how many times you get knocked down you just keep getting up. thats what his fights always tought me

  4. mongo

    During the losses he had he was in the fight the whole time, they were knock outs, that simple, he was man handeling Rashad, and Shogun, and was flat out caught, mentally he is more out than physically, he still has it, and needs to get back into the ring, even if he fights from the bottom up, they always seem to give him the money fighters, but dont seem to give the other fighters the same, the ufc has fed off of his name long enough dont you think, he is an amazing fighter and still I believe to be the best

  5. mongo


  6. franklinvschuck

    UFC 115 live streaming Liddell vs Franklin is must see event!

  7. care2.Com

    Thanks a lot!

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