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Chuck Liddell will never fight in the UFC again


Farewell, Iceman.

After 20 exciting fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Chuck Liddell will hang up is gloves and take on another role in the UFC organization.

Chuck hasn’t fully proclaimed his retirement, but Dana White says, following his 3rd TKO loss in 5 fights, he will never fight in the UFC again.

“I don’t want to see anybody stick around too long,” Dana White said. “I don’t want to see anybody get hurt. You’re never going to see Chuck Liddell on the canvas again.”

“My close friend and somebody who I consider a family member has moved on and retired,” he said. “We’ll figure out another spot for him in the organization. Don’t worry about Chuck Liddell. He’s going to do just fine.”

Chuck could always go fight for Strikeforce or Affliction, but I don’t think he would endure much success in either promotion. Chuck is almost 40; looking at his fight with Shogun, he just didn’t look crisp, agile or fluid.  His punches were wild and sloppy, and his movements were stiff.

In Chuck’s prime, he was knocking out his opponents left and right. I remember getting so excited every time a UFC PPV featured the Iceman. I still do, but it’s getting pretty hard to watch one of my favorite fighters get knocked out time and time again.

Chuck had a great career in the octagon, but it’s apparent that it’s time to hang up the gloves.

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10 Responses to “Chuck Liddell will never fight in the UFC again”

  1. wesley corado

    give chuck what he deserves and give him one more fight so he can win and retire a winer and if he looses well he would then know its time to step aside and retire PLEASE GIVE US FANS ONE MORE, WE WANT TO SEE THE ICE MAN WIN JUST ONE LAST TIME.

  2. Larry Vollmer

    a lot of people feel the same way as you

  3. wesley corado

    if chuck was done he wouldnt have beaten silva in the fashion that he did, and that wasnt that long ago. i think chuck doesnt train as hard as he did before and if he wants to win again he better train like he did before so that he goes out a winer and i wont have to whoope some bodys ass for making fun of my boy chuck. LOLS.

  4. wesley corado

    oh iforgot yea he could go to affliction or strike force and i think he would have success and the ufc better not have a show on the same night because they would suffer a knockout on that night.

  5. Larry Vollmer

    I have a feeling we will see Chuck fight again somewhere.

  6. wesley corado

    wellwhere ever it is who is gona miss watching the legend fight, because chuck doesnt run from nobody hes gona go in to knockout or get knocked out, u know we always hear dana criticise fighters for not geting after it and runing around being afraid to get hit. well he needs to remember WHY he is a big time chuck lidell fan and quit criticing chuck for getting knocked out, chuck will go toe to toe with anybody,he is a true warrior in my book, dana is gona loose a good friend because i dont think chuck likes for dana to put him down in front of millions he is wrong for that.

  7. Larry Vollmer

    Dana recently took back some of his words, and said Chuck MIGHT fight in the UFC again. He does still have 1 fight on his contract.

    see here >> http://mma.lohudblogs.com/2009/05/22/chuck-liddell-might-fight-in-the-ufc-again/

  8. wesley corado

    hell yea when he found out that chuck wasnt ready to retire and there mitebeen a chance of him fighting somewhere else he`s not gona let affliction or strikeforce have a big payday haha.

  9. Billy Maggi

    I love seeing interesting videos of Chicks Fights

  10. Meggan Schonhardt

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