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Rob Emerson looking to make a lasting impression in the UFC lightweight division


He is nick named “The Saint” and he is probably the only fighter who holds a 12 second knockout in the UFC and is not impressed with it.

Rob Emerson is a tough , scrappy fighter who earned his spot in the UFC by way of “The Ultimate Fighter 5”. Emerson has proved to be very resilient, and, although he has 6 losses to his name, he has never been stopped in a fight.

Rob Emerson will be facing off against Kurt Pellegrino on Spike TV. The UFC live “UFC Fight Night” will emanate from the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Fl. on Saturday, February 7 from 9:00 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT

I recently had the chance to speak with Emerson about his upcoming bout.

LVJ: You are coming off of two big wins, do you feel like that gives you some momentum going into the Pellegrino fight?
RE: Yeah. I mean both of those last two fights I wasn’t really happy with. I mean I could have finished Nakamura. I kind of went to decision. The fight with Manny, it was kind more of a disappointment, I threw two punches and that was it. I trained my ass off for that fight. I was ready to put on a good performance for the fans. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to do that. I am hoping that with this fight with Pellegrino that it will give me the opportunity to display my talents and skills and everything and show the fans things I haven’t been able to show them so far.

LVJ: A 12 second knockout is pretty impressive, regardless, so I think you made a lasting impression.

(Photo Courtesy of UFC.com | Emerson, top, knocks Manny Gamburyan out, stone cold, in 12 seconds)

RE:Yeah it was cool. I think earned a lot of people’s respect, but I’m still looking for a fight to show people what I am made of and make them respect me as they should . there’s a lot of people that don’t think I deserve to be there. I definitely want people to respect me after this one.

LVJ: Well you made a pretty big statement last time, you were the underdog going into that fight and you made definitive statement.

LVJ: Pellegrino likes to take the fights to the ground, do you have a game plan going in, or are you going to wing it?
RE: I am just going to go in and scrap. I have been working a lot on my wrestling and boxing. I am out here in Vegas right now training with Xtreme Couture. I am getting to train with Gray Maynard, Mac Danzig, Tyson griffin, a lot of wrestlers. So I am putting myself in the positions that I should be worried about. I have been doing a lot of jiu-jitsu stuff off my back, scrambling, looking to get to my feet. I am pretty much training all the bad positions so I will be ready for wherever this fight goes.

LVJ: Have you been training at Xtreme Couture the whole time or have you been bouncing around?
RE: No I just came out this week. I have also been training at Millennium and also a little bit at HB Training Center at Huntington Beach, so I am still team Oyama but we left that facility so I just been bouncing around getting as many different training partners as I can.

LVJ: Is this the first time you have done that?
RE: Yeah. Yeah this is the first time I have done it. I like it and I am happy with it so I am probably going to be doing this for every fight here on out.

LVJ: If you get past Pellegrino, that will give you 3 wins over very game opponents. Where do you think that puts you in the division?
RE: I don’t know. The division is so stacked; there are so many tough guys. It’s like I just want to be respected and be looked at as one of the guys in the division. I am not looking to fight anyone in particular. I am not in any rush. I am just enjoying the ride. I just want to be fighting as long as I can and put on the best performance every time I fight.

LVJ: What are your thoughts on the BJ Penn and GSP fight?
RE: I think BJ was whoopin’ ass that last fight in the first round, I think he just got tired. I think it was a different time in his life and he is a different athlete now. He is dedicated his life a lot more to training now. GSP is an amazing athlete. I don’t know if either of them have developed a lot more as fighters since then, I know BJ just dedicated himself more. He was already a great fighter then, so all his conditioning was the only problem. He was dismantling GSP in that last fight. He tore him apart with those jabs. Everyone saw GSP’s face. BJ didn’t even have a scratch on him . BJ seems like he is really dedicated for this one, seems like he is taking it really personal and I think I am going to go with BJ on this one.

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