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Dana White: MMA promoter and MMA prophet


About three and a half months ago, Dana White was a guest on the wildly popular Opie and Anthony show. Shock jock Greg “Opie” Hughes asked a question about the Kimbo Slice phenomenon, and Dana had the following to say:

“Here’s my beef with Kimbo Slice… I’ll give it to you too that he is training and taking it serious, but this guy was fighting in back yards a few months ago. The reality is if I put Kimbo Slice on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ the reality show, he wouldn’t win it.”


Audio courtesy of the Opie and Anthony Show – www.oandaradio.com

Dana With must have been smiling ear to ear last Saturday when he found out that “Ultimate Fighter 2” cast member Seth Petruzelli would replace Ken Shamrock as Kimbo Slice’s opponent for the main event of CBS/EliteXC Saturday Night Fights.

Seth Petruzelli drops Kimbo Slice with a short right (Photo Courtesy of EliteXC)

Petruzelli was a member of the cast of “The Ultimate Fighter 2” and competed as a heavyweight. He was eliminated in the semi-finals by MMA newcomer Brad Imes after defeating Dan Christison by unanimous decision in an elimination bout.

Seth Petruzelli’s career in the UFC did not last long. He lost to both Matt Hamill and Wilson Gouveia before being released by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He took a year off from sanctioned competition and was unceremoniously welcomed back to the cage by being thrown right into the main event against EliteXC’s golden boy.

To Petruzelli’s credit, he showed the world what can happen when you have made a career, and a life, out of training in the martial arts.

Petruzelli’s dominance over Kimbo Slice is a nightmare for EliteXC. Their number one draw was defeated by a light heavyweight who couldn’t cut it in the best mixed martial arts promotion in the world; furthermore, Petruzelli made Kimbo look like a complete amateur. Kimbo mounted no offense whatsoever. A 14 second knockout is completely embarrassing for the hyped fighter.

This fight isa testament of the true skill that it takes to complete at a high level in mixed martial arts. Kimbo Slice may have the heart of a warrior and be legitimately training MMA, but it’s going to be years before he is a real threat to any fighter who has competed in the highest level of the game. If Seth Petruzelli can expose his flaws in 14 seconds, I can only imagine what the upper echelon of UFC talent would do to him.

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6 Responses to “Dana White: MMA promoter and MMA prophet”

  1. GBaby

    Is it true that Seth Petruzelli is really a creepy gay kid?

  2. Vox

    @GBaby: Just look for his myspace…he’s a kinky gay dude, yup, and proud of it.

    Tho…what that has to do with anything, I have no clue…all I know is that he’s an average/a-bit-above-average fighter that just destroyed EXC’s golden boy…and that put a big smile on my face :)

  3. Jimbo

    Excellent blog Larry….Nice to get an inside view once in awhile

  4. DC

    From what I’ve read on Sherdog and other places, Petruzelli isn’t actually gay, he just takes some wierd-ass photos of himself and his friends doing stupid sh!t.

  5. DC

    Also, Dana White may have been right about Kimbo (and so was every more-than-casual MMA fan) but he’s a notorious trash-talker. He said the same thing about Fedor, and then Fedor mauled Tim Sylvia in 36 seconds to improve his record against UFC champions to 6-0.

    The general rule is that if Dana White is talking about a fighter who he hasn’t signed to the UFC, he’s going to be trashing that fighter.

  6. Ayanna Herms

    thank you very a great deal , it is so beneficial web-site. i love your web page!

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