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Matt Hughes has some criticism for Georges St. Pierre


I like to read fighter blogs after a major UFC event. I like to see what the professionals thought about the the PPV.

Matt Hughes had some back handed compliments for GSP, and a criticism of his physique.

The last fight of the night was Georges and Fitch. Georges didn’t look as big as he has before and he seemed like he had gotten tired from the first round. Fitch had the game plan of countering Georges and you just can’t do that. You can’t counter a quicker fighter. To be honest, halfway in the third round I got up and walked out of the arena and went to my hotel. The fight wasn’t the most exciting and I wanted to get out of there before everyone else was getting up to leave.

Georges didn’t look as big? He looked like a monster compared to Jon Fitch, and I didn’t notice a size difference at all.

If anyone didn’t look “as big” , it was Matt Hughes in his last fight, a devastating knockout loss to Thiago Alves. Hughes could not have looked less interested to be inside the octagon for that fight, and his physique looked nowhere near as impressive  as his fights where he held the welterweight championship of the world.


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7 Responses to “Matt Hughes has some criticism for Georges St. Pierre”

  1. DC

    There were long stretches of boring stand-up in the 2nd and 4th but that wasn’t always GSP’s fault. He rocked Fitch more than a few times, and Fitch was looking up at the clock. About the worst you can say about GSP is that he didn’t finish…but it was still a decent fight.

    Lesnar vs Herring. Now THAT was a boring-ass fight. When Lesnar got full mount I thought we were finally gonna see something, but he didn’t do anything with it. Disappointing. The only things Lesnar excelled at were premature celebrations and looking like an asshole at the end of the match when he pointed and laughed at Herring. Dude has a big ego but not much class. I don’t know who they’ll throw at him next, but he won’t beat Noguiera if he gets a title shot after TUF.

  2. Larry Vollmer

    Agreed – Fitch just kept coming and coming. That guy is a warrior.

    Lesnar really thinks who he is. I can’t wait til he fights a really good striker and catches a shin across his big head. I really don’t want a lay and pray heavyweight champion.

  3. marilyn

    Matt Hughes is so arrogant. The only reason why he would walk out is that he feels like his career is slipping away. St. Pierre has something to do with that. He is only 27, and has not even peaked physically or mentally. Where Matt can only slide down the slippery slope from here.

  4. Larry Vollmer

    His career isn’t slipping away, it’s almost over – his stand up hasn’t evolved with the new generation of mixed martial artists. If he can’t handle Alves, then that is a pretty gloomy sign of where his career stands.

    That being said, he is one of the greatest welterweights of all time, and the most dominant champion in that weight class.

    I cannot wait for Serra/Hughes.

  5. jason

    I thought Herring was a stiker. Its gotta be hard to knock out a guy with no neck and head like a caveman.

  6. Jimmy F

    sorry to say, but lesnar is fighting couture and i have heard and read blogs it shouldnt have happened. Even this is for the heavyweight championship belt. Lesnar is big and strong but still beatable, but lesnar is going to be harder to beat for every time he steps in the octagon. He’s learning more and more. it’s the same way with Matt Hamill.
    big and strong but lost to Rich Franklin.(more experienced)
    Matt hughes is just like chuck liddel.. time for them to go, step down, let the younger generation take over.

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