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Amir Sadollah issues a note of gratitude to his fans


The Ultimate Fighter 7 champion Amir Sadollah issued a sincere note to his fans today via his myspace account:

I just want to say I am blown away by the amount of support and love I’ve gotten from all you guys. I appreciate every bit of it, and Ive gotten so much of it in fact, its hard to respond to everyone. Just know Ill try my best to respond to everyone I can, but trust at very least Ive read it all and been touched by all the kind messages and well wishes. I’ll try to respond if at all possible, but if not just know I saw what you sent me, and i am grateful for you taking the time of your day to write me.

Thanks guys,


I am really glad Amir took the TUF title home. Amir is one of the more well rounded fighters to come out of “The Ultimate Fighter” series, and he is a very likable guy as well. He is the type of fighter that you want to see win, unlike some others who have won the show *cough* Michael Bisping *cough*. Amir has legitimate talent, and I think he will be a shining star in the years to come.

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