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Mike Dolce’s “Ultimate Fighter 7″ blog: week 3


The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

You may have heard this phrase used many times in your life, often describing the highs and lows of organized sports competition. I had the distinct privilege of experiencing both in the span of five days. Hopefully, I can retell my personal account without sounding like a pu**y who is crying about a loss. In this blog I’m trying to tell you exactly what I knew and how I felt about it with no secrets.

Having made my way through the initial 32-man elimination tournament of “The Ultimate Fighter 7” by way of highlight-reel knockout on a Sunday, I was choked unconscious in the first round of the single elimination tournament the following Friday.


Now that the series has truly started, I can go back a bit and bring you up to speed.

We moved into the fighter’s house on Sunday night. Monday morning the coaches chose teams. Monday night we trained with our team for the very first time.

Tuesday we had a “media day” and were quarantined in the 8×14 kitchen of the UFC training center for nearly 12 hours with only takeout food and each other’s conversations. It was good for getting to know each other, but not so good for most else.

Wednesday is where my story really begins.

We arrived for Team Rampage’s first of two daily practice sessions at 10 a.m., and that morning it was obvious that our coaches wanted to see who we were as athletes. Just as important, they wanted to let us know exactly who they were as coaches and veterans in the sport.

After pleasantries, we were informed that today was going to be all conditioning. Mind you, the first fight pick was going to be at noon and Team Forrest was not training until after Forrest made the first pick.

We started with a 2-mile run and a 20 minute “active stretch” as a warm-up.

Rampage had seven different stations set up for us. Aerodyne (bike) sprints, sprawls, heavy bag boxing, ground-and-pound floor bag, throw dummy lift and slams, heavy-bag power kicks and hard pad work in the cage with Juanito Ibarra.

All rounds were for seven minutes each with only 30 seconds to get to the next station. All stations were to be performed at maximum intensity with the coaches yelling for each of us to push harder and harder. In all, we performed 11, seven-minute rounds of hard conditioning and everybody was exhausted. We would’ve kept going until we finished all 14 planned rounds, but it was past noon and Team Forrest was here to make the first pick.

None of that made the television broadcast. I don’t believe I was really shown training at all. I do remember watching me read the Bible though, which I didn’t actually have in my hands until just before my fight the next day.

Right about this time, we on Team Rampage realized that one of us was about to fight in two days, and our opponents were standing before us fed, fresh and smiling.

I was the first choice. Evidently, Team Forrest felt that I was one of the biggest threats in the bracket and wanted to get me out of there quickly. I’ll take that as a compliment.

When my name was called, I was psyched! I love to fight. I absolutely love it. And I was confident that I would win this tournament.

That morning, I left practice at 186 pounds. I had arrived at 195.

Getting home, I began eating and re-hydrating all the fluids and electrolytes I had lost during the first training session, then took a nap.

Knowing that I was weighing-in in 20 hours and fighting in 40, I planned on re-hydrating constantly and relaxing until the fight, allowing my body every opportunity to begin the recovery process.

Walking back into practice at 5 o’clock that night I was on-weight and planned on some light stretching and maybe some jump rope. Quinton told me to get on the treadmill and run for 20 minutes at 6mph. I raised an eyebrow and asked, “Coach, I’m pretty beat up right now and have to weigh in tomorrow? I usually don’t train at all this close to a fight.”

He said, “I know, I just want you to get your blood flowing.”

Mind you, I was staring at Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the freakin’ champion of the whole wide world, and he was telling me how to prepare for a fight. Who the hell was I to argue with his logic, I figured as I laced up my black Nike Shox.

Finishing the run, feeling ok, I grabbed a Pedialyte and sat down. Just as my butt hit the seat, Juanito walked up to me and told me to put my sparring gear on. He must be mistaken. I’m fighting in two days, remember?

“Rampage just told me to hit a run. I’m spent Juanito. I’m fighting Friday,” I said to him.

“I know son. Coach Rampage wants you to get in the ring with him and go over your fight. It’s a mental thing more than anything,” he said.

I looked into the cage and there was Rampage, full sparring gear on, shadow boxing. There was the light heavyweight champion of the world. Again, who was I to argue?

Getting in the cage, Rampage told Juanito to put seven minutes on the clock for two rounds with a 30-second break. I turned to him and said, “Coach, I’ve been training really hard for weeks, I’m tired. I don’t think I have anything left.”

He said, “You need to do this to get ready for your fight. This is for your mind, to react properly in each position.”

My mind? The only thing on my mind right then was, “How the Hell am I going to recover from this sh*t?”

Fifteen minutes later, we were done. Thankfully, Rampage didn’t try to take my head off or anything, he’s a great training partner actually, but we went at a fight pace with less striking and more grappling. Lots of clinching, wrestling and me getting up off the bottom. Very tiring.

I’m a strong guy, but Rampage is huge. I was glad when the second round was finally over. Picking up my water bottle, I hear, “Zach, come up in here and set the timer for 15 minutes.”

Zach Lyte was Quinton’s wrestling coach and an accomplished mixed martial artist in his own right.

The plan was for Rampage and Zach to alternate taking me down and just as I scrambled up, for the other to shoot back in and take me down again. For 15 minutes with no break.

Do you see the comedy in this? I’m laughing again as I write this.

Again, I tell both coaches I’m shot, and they tell me, “Don’t worry, we’ll just go light.”

Light? It was more like a live-drill pace than a fight pace, but in no way was it light.

When that was finally over, the other seven athletes on my team were brought into the cage and told to start in on double legs (takedowns) and make me fight out of it.

This time, I say – more to Zach than Quinton, but loud enough for my whole team to hear – “I’m done guys. I’m past my breaking point. I can’t do anymore.” I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Zach tells the team to only go 60 percent on me, and I was back fighting off shots and scrambling up off the floor. My teammates saw exactly what was happening to me and half-heartedly performed their takedowns. Great gesture, but it was too late.

On one takedown, I fell at 50/50 hips with Matthew Riddle and posted my hand out to start a scramble. In doing that, the fatigue, and the lost focus, I separated my shoulder, tearing the AC ligament and severely damaging my rotator cuff. (An injury which I am still being treated for, but that will come up in a later blog.)

Standing up, Juanito asked me if I was ok, as I turned to answer, my left thigh began to violently cramp, quickly working its way from my knee, up to the hip flexor and into my abdominal wall. I dropped down to the floor contorted. Soon Juanito and a Glen, our assigned paramedic began trying to work the cramps out with heat and some implement I had never seen before.

Surprisingly, none of this made it to the television screen either.

Fast forwarding my story, after eating and drinking at will, I woke up for weigh-ins at 183 pounds. Three pounds below the middleweight class limit and 10 pounds south of the 193 pounds I have woken up at for every other middleweight bout I have contended.

“All things are possible to him who believes.” – Mark 9:23

I must have repeated that statement five thousand times, between the weigh-in and actual fight. You see, at no point did I ever question the outcome of the fight. I knew I was going to win. Losing wouldn’t even register in my mind. Even while lying on the floor of the octagon, with two grown men rubbing heating lube on my bare thigh and torso with television cameras catching every sordid detail, I did not question my chances of winning this fight. No way.

I competed and fought as hard as I could. That day, I tried my very best to win and lost. I am proud of that.

After the fight, during interviews, the producers kept asking me if I blamed Rampage, or my coaches for my loss. I would have loved to have said yes, or to point the finger at someone else, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was my loss.

You see, winning and losing is very much like getting a tattoo. Each will tell a story that will last a lifetime, your lifetime. Some stories are great and some suck, but they are all yours.

This one is mine alone.

Mike Dolce is a cast member of “The Ultimate Fighter 7.” He is a professional fighter and strength coach. For more information, go to www.MikeDolceMMA.com

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55 Responses to “Mike Dolce’s “Ultimate Fighter 7″ blog: week 3”

  1. Hella Sound

    Holy crap. Ho. Ly. Crap. That’s one heckuva story man. “I separated my shoulder, tearing the AC ligament and severely damaging my rotator cuff.” It makes me wonder what other types of fight-affecting training injuries ended up on the editing room floor in the TUF series.
    Again, I think you have a bright future as a writer—great parallel with the tattoo, and a responsible/mature perspective to take on your loss. Kudos, and looking forward to the rest of the season. Wish the fight coulda went the other way for you.

  2. Conflict

    Wow, that sucks that they didn’t air any of that stuff, if they did at least people would understand what you were going thru. Anyway, you are a great writer, keep it up. P.S. Knowing how hard you work, I believe your fighting career will continue to flourish.

  3. Superbad

    It’s a sad day in “REALITY” TV when things aren’t aired as they really happened. Spike made it look like Dolce gassed out. Anyone who knows Mike Dolce knows he’s the LAST person to tire in a fight. He’s a powerhouse for sure, always pushing the pace and insanely strong. He never stops training. That’s just WRONG that they don’t show what really happened and it’s a gross misrepresentation of who Mike is. And you know what’s funny…if they aired all the stuff he wrote about it would’ve made for better TV.

  4. Bad Girl

    It goes without saying, that I wish that they would of brodcasted the other side of the story. Anyone who has ever seen you fight or train or train people know that gassing out is never an option unless they are hauling you out on a strecher. You are a class act Mike, and your blog and the show doesnt even begin to show it.

    You have inspired and created a lot of very good things. And the future will be amazing.

    PS- Last word. (:))

  5. Sam Roon

    I’ve seen your wins and losses, and I’ve NEVER seen you run out of energy. I can’t believe that they did that to you. And they made you look like a god freak of some sort… I don’t recall us once having a conversation about god!

  6. haha

    I love how Dolce was talking crap about people being the weakest link, then he gets drawn to fight, Talks a lot of trash, then gets completly worked by JT. Looks like you got a bit worn out from all that trash talk. Maybe you have learned that you can talk all the trash you want but it just makes you look like a total buttplug when you don’t back it up.

    Kind of makes you wonder who the weakest link is now.
    I also don’t see how you can call a fighter with a 7-1 record, who beat a great striker with a 7-1 record to get into the house a week link.
    Don’t you have a 5-4 record and beat a guy with a 4-4 record who was on a 4 fight losing streak to get into the house. That really makes you look like you are a great fighter buddy.
    and yes your blog did make you sound like a p*ssy that was crying about losing a fight.

  7. Conflict

    To ha ha G0 F Yourself. I haven’t seen Mike in years, but I don’t know him to be a quiter. I also know a couple of people that have been on T.U.F. and they all say that they do fancy editing to make ordinary things seem like a big deal. Mike even says in his blog that the producers kept asking him after his lost if he thought it was the coaches fault. I know Mike will make a BIG comeback.

  8. Tim Credeur

    You are always going to be a warrior in my book. Good job Mike and best of luck in the future. Have the guy from MHP hit me up at crazytimbjj@yahoo.com.

    Peace Brother, Tim Credeur

  9. colby

    If you are talking about editing stuff, maybe Dolce shouldn’t be crying about the fact that they didn’t show him and his complications due to his shoulder injury, when Luke Zachrich and Brandon Sene were made out to look like they were last picked because they were the least appealing fighters of the group or in Dolce words refering to Zachrich as the “weakest link”, when in all reality they didn’t show that Zachrich and Sene were the only two of the 16 that made the house that had to go to the hospital after the preliminary fights to be checked for injuries, such as a broken hand.

    I understand that the people that edit the show can make any person look however they want them to look, but there is no way Zachrich or Sene would have been picked last if they hadn’t had to make a trip to the hospital. I would actually put both of them in the top 5 picks.

  10. Jun

    Great blog. Always a champ!

  11. colby

    oh yeah, to Conflict,
    Dolce better be making a Big comback with a record as shitty as his, since it is just about a 500 record. If he doesn’t start working on that Big comeback he will be fighting in “Tough Man” competitions at the county fair.

  12. Razzle465

    Wow – I had no CLUE they worked you guys that hard in training. Watching it on TV now it seems like those are “refreshing” workouts. They should’nt leave material like this cut up on the editorial floor.

    It was a good fight to watch. Keep writing – I also read Amir’s blog – yours and his are the most interesting to read.

  13. Big Mike

    Dolce is an alright guy but come on he talked shit and then did nothing. Fights a guy that is tough and ends up losing again.

  14. Conflict

    O.K. Colby, point taken. I agree with you about Brandon Sene, I don’t know the deal with Luke. All I am saying is that a lot of things go on that we don’t see so maybe it isn’t fair to judge people on what happens on a reality show. We all know the producers push certian topics to make the show “interesting”. As far as his record goes, you know that doesn’t mean anything unless you saw the fights and know who he fought. A lot of fight promotions pick and choose who their “stars” fight to pad their records, maybe Mike didn’t do that, I don’t really know I was just trying to encourage him, sorry if that bothers you. If it makes you feel like a big man go ahead and keep cutting him down or you can just back to the UG and do that.

  15. Barbara Dolce

    DAMN!!!! I’m so pissed!!!.....The guy who edited that should get fired and go work for vh1 and edit ‘’FLAVOR OF LOVE”” kind o shit….beacouse that is what kind of work he did ‘’RIGHT OUT OF THE CRAPPER’’!!! Any Way …Mike it would have been awesome if they had shown all of those things to show the public what you had gone through…ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT THE OWNER OF THE UFC AND THE GUY YOU FOUGHT AGINST AND ALL OF THOSE OTHER GUYS IN THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 7…..KNOW THAT YOU ARE FIERCE>>FIGHTING WITH YOU INJURYs…..HANIN TOUGH…....THEY KNOW YOU ARE ‘’SPARTAN’’ BABY!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU NINJA!!!! Your coolest sister ever BARB…..

  16. another mike

    Man! That was a heck of a fight! And now finding out how you got spent in training? Man! Seeing you reverse that choke in round one was awesome! The critic in me says you need to work on your takedown defense, but we could hear coach yelling and you executing. You did look gassed when you broke holds and couldn’t follow through, now we know why. You let it all hang out in that octogon. Losing blows, but I guess it really does show character, and you are a gamer, man! You listen to your coach, and there’s no quit in you. Guys like that can go to any camp and get better. Just fill your toolbox and keep the fire burning, man. I hope you got another shot on the show, ‘cause you got a future in MMA. Somebody tell Dana!

  17. Kevin

    First off, I’d like to say I take my hat off to all of the guys working and pushing themselves to make their MMA dreams come true. Watching the show it looks like everyone in that house is working their asses off. That being said this blog entry did not really leave me with the feeling that Dolce shouldered the loss as he says. He says that he doesn’t blame anyone else for the loss and that it is squarely on his shoulders. If he really feels that way about the results of the fight why is he talking up the excessive training and the injury in the first place. At least in my interpretation of his blog, Dolce clearly shows how upset he was about those issues. I got the distinct feeling that he did in fact blame the training/coaching of team Rampage for his loss. It seemed like he just added the whole “it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was my loss” as a pr move. I can understand the hard training, and getting injured and not being able to fight like normal and losing in the way he did, but if he would have stayed true to himself in the first place maybe he would have fared better in his fight. Maybe he would have been thinking..well if i stop now and rest, they will all be calling me a p**sy behind my back or whatever..if he truly believed he would have done better the way he would have normally handled training in the few days prior to a fight than how he did doing things rampage’s way then he should have stuck to his guns and did it no matter what any of them thought. If a fighter is going to be so worried about how others view their preparation for a fight that they let themself get into a situation where they wear out completely right before a fight and/or get injured just to save face then they really are not helping themself get closer to their dream, because an exhausted and injured fighter probably is not going to be able to put up too much of a fight in most cases. If Dolce’s dream is to really become a UFC fighter maybe he should worry more about what he needs to do for himself to make it to the next level. That is not to say him or any other fighter should not train hard and should take it easy, but a fighter should know their body better than anyone else and not let themselves be steered away from what has gotten them to where they are.

  18. Mike Dolce

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    All I can say is…KEEP WATCHING THE SHOW!!!

    Until next week…


  19. Oskar Karlsson


    great read. You have just earned your self a life long supporter and fan.

    Oskar from Sweden.

  20. Conflict

    I can’t wait for next week Mike, I know you will continue to prove yourself. I also spoke to someone who was in the house with you and they had nothing but great things to say about you. Just ignore all the haters and stay positive and true to yourself and I am sure you will succeed. P.S. in case anyone thinks I am sucking up, rest assured I am not. I don’t have enough time in my day to talk trash, I just try and help people when they are down and instead of being a sheep like others and pile on the Hate.

  21. Robert

    Good job on the write-up Mike. It’s always good to hear some of the behind-the-scenes stories. I wanted to invite you to also post on http://www.theultimatefighter.tv/forum/forum.php as a TUF/UFC fighter. I think Beth forwarded an email to you about that recently. If so then you have my email.

    Good Luck in you MMA career!

  22. Scarey Mary

    Yo!.......Haha and Colby,go have another beer while you scratch your ass and watch the utimate fighter from your momma’s couch,talkin trash like you where Joe Rogan or something! Do you feel adaquate now! Is your manhood intact cause you talked some trash to a guy who would knock you out and put you in a coma if you ever stepped in a ring with him!!! It is so easy to talk about something theoreticlly you may know a little something about.from the outside of the ring…......but something you could never EVER comprehend if you where inside the ring.Nor physically endore!!!!
    Neither one of you two idiots,yes that what you are!!!!! Could ever understand what it takes…....or perhaps if you did than i guess we’d be watching you on the ultimate fighter.make sure to keep us posted when your on bud,what’s your records there canvas backs!!!!!!!
    Dude p.s,Mike dosn’t care what you think of him….he’s on the ultimate fighter!!!! He’s trainin with Rampage,he’s livin the dream you dream everytime you turn on spike or your mama pays her cable bill for the ufc fight you just watched…...ask him where he’s at right now,he’s in montreal buddy ring side for the GSP Serra fight while your sittin on your mommas couch Bee yoch!!!!You wish you were him!!!

  23. Tom from Canada

    I have to agree in part to what Kevin said. You should have stuck to your guns and refused to be pushed. Everyone has that inner voice, an inner knowing of what they should or should not do. What everything in you is telling you to stop, “STOP”! I realize it can be intimidating and you don’t want to let anybody down, but they could have very well ended your fighting career with the injury you sustained. Really, think about it, what if you tore the ACL in your knee instead. You might never recover.

    Just because Rampage is champ, does not necessarily mean that he knows how to prepare for a fight better than the next guy. He may have all the tools that will win the fight, but for all we know, he could be even better if he wasn’t pushing himself that hard right before a fight.

    Confidence is the key here I think. You and all the other guys need to soke up their knowledge and do as they say, up until the point where “you KNOW”, you must listen to yourself!

  24. Kimberly-Ann

    Hey Mike,
    It was awesome meeting you today and thanks again for signing my hat. How did you enjoy Montreal? I have the picture we all took together at the Marriott. If you would like a copy just let me know; it’s great!
    Oh and just to let you know, I was rooting for you last Wednesday on Episode three against Jesse; great fight anyways.
    Enjoy the fight tonight, I know I will.
    Hope to hear from you,

  25. Dawn

    I am so sorry that scenes were edited which would have made you look better. It appears as though many of the fighters had edited scenes that would have shed much light on their situations, although they do not appear to be crying about it. You are a FIGHTER, so grow a pair of balls, stop making excuses, fight like a man, and just accept the fact that YOU were the weakest link on Rampage’s team.

    I guess to compensate for your weaknesses, you had to critique other fighters on the show. Looks like you lost your first fight. Wonder if your critique about Luke is correct. I can’t wait to see if he makes it farther in the show than you do. I bet he is man enough to win his first fight!

  26. Hellas Fans

    Mike Dolce is the most promising competitor in this show in every respect. We were convinced Mike would dominate this match, its hard believe he was eliminated so soon, but this post explains it.

  27. roscoe

    dude who sais stay with what had worked for him?

    he is a .500 fighter so nothing was really working for him. My question would be though did rampage keep working guys like that before the fight?

  28. roscoe


  29. Chad

    Scary Mary you nailed it, so true about those guys, Mikes loss devastated me I thought for sure he was the next with all that he has done in the past, even though his record dosent really show it, how people can sit here and trash talk when they would probably run the moment they saw mike, anyways tough loss mike and we know you’ll be back.

  30. Scarey Mary

    Chad so good to hear the voice of reason!!!

    These guys (pathetic)and girls….....DAWN!!!!
    How much do you weigh chubby???
    I’d be happy to take you on and see what your really made of!!!!!!!!!
    A girl whom talks so much trash about growing a set must have a pair herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Roscoe…...who the hell is Roscoe….........some chump trying to capitalize off Mike,by utilizing his blog for some stupid website he’s got!!!!!!!
    Roscoe…..nobody knows who you are,nobody cares!!!!!!!!
    Chad your awsome,you get not only what Mike goes threw but what all the guys up there competeing go threw!!Not many do.
    How many people just up and decide one day to quit there well paying suit and tie job to go chase a long shot and pursue a dream!!
    Most would never risk it and two those whom actully have the balls (Dawn) never make it,Shit in what 3 years Mike went from a tax assor to Team Quest fight club to the IFL to the ultimate fighter.all in all.in three short years.weather he wins or looses in the ring.the freaking guy is a winner in my book..he’s already beat and defied all odds.how…......YOU KNOW HIS NAME!!!!!
    and he’s freakin awsome!
    Don’t count him out yet,and Chad the cool thing is six weeks in a house is a long time…..lots of injuries could occur,(it’s happened before)we could see him back,ya never know…..but even if not you can bet it won’t be the last time you see him!!!!
    And for all you guys like Chad that truley appreciate the sport of mma….....your awsome..that’s what TRUE mma fans are all about…........all you others whom piss and moan,and think you know the most from your couch…......your just misrable in life,cause why…...you pissed your dreams away,because you where to much of a wuss to follow them.so every time you see someone eles fulfilling there own your just damn jelous because your reality is the rat race!!!!!Realtity check.Mike is on Ultimate fighter…......your not…........nobody knows who you are.and nobody cares…......obviously you care about what’s goin on in Mike’s life,because your on “HIS” blog,talkin about it!!!!!!!!

  31. Scarey Mary

    Barb.your not the coolest….. ninja

  32. Bad Girl

    Couple thoughts I had reading all the responses.

    Ya know, one of the things that comes with following your dreams is you hit road bumps, you refelect on what didnt work and plan on stomping through it the second time. The nice thing about this, is Mike is giving us some insight as to how he saw it, some people may not agree with what he says. Such is life. But untill you can step up and do half of what he does by getting out there, doing it and sharing his thoughts with the world. How can you really talk? I know I cant so I respect him for doing everything he does, going after it, and taking the time to share some of the inroads.

    Mikes a fighter and a half and anyone who has ever met him will probably say the same thing, He is a pretty awsome person to boot. His record doesn’t even scratch the surface of what kind of fighter he is, and how hard he trains. He will never give up and never give less then 150 percent. He takes the time to answer and work with anyone in the gym who has help with smaller goals, not because he wants to inflate his ego but because he cares.

    Chad- Thanks for rocking it. Mikes loss shocked me to, his record doesnt show what kind of fighter he really is. I could of sworn up and down that he would of won the show. Nice thing is you are right, its a 6 week battle. I don’t think we caught the last of him.

    Scarey Mary- You hit the nail on the head. He quit his job, packed everything he has up, and took his wife to Oregon for a chance to train at Team Quest. He went after what he wanted, and is making it happen. That point right there makes him an inspiration to me. How many people can say they have the guts to do that? You rock in my book.

  33. Bad Girl

    By the way Dawn, one fight. We have seen one fight and you think you can say who the weakest link or not?

  34. Dawn

    Well, I see my comment got everyone who cares about Mike upset. NOw you know how people who care about Luke felt when he made the comment about him on last week’s show.

    Mike is not going to gain many fans by trash talking. When he negatively critiques people, he needs to realize that he is making comments about someone’s child, friend, partner, etc… He is going to make people angry when he does this. People who care about Luke took this VERY personally! This is going to leave Mike open for attack by the people who care about the person he is negative toward. Once he makes a mistake, people (like me) will throw it up in his face because, to be honest, Luke is the better man and would never say anything negative toward him. I feel that Mike and Jeremy had to say things about Luke to make themselves look better. Lets face it, Luke has it ALL!!! Mike and Jeremy, well, they are missing several pieces!

    I am sure things happen and you do not always feel well when you fight. People fight when they are sick and when they have injuries. People also give up alot to fight. Don’t use sickness, injuries, and sacrafice in order to make yourself look better. It only makes you look weak. This is what you chose to do in life, so there will naturally be sacrafices. Don’t make yourself out to be a martyr. I am sure other men have given up more and have been through worse to get to where they are today.

    Mary, you can attack me all you want. You oviously care about Mike and I respect you for that. I obviously care about Luke so you should respect that too.

    Now, I just cannot wait to see Luke fight. I want to see if he wins his first fight. Will you be eating your words Mike?

  35. Mike Dolce

    Hello everyone!

    I’m back from UFC 83 and what an amazing event!!! Montreal is beautiful and the fans are incredible! Check out my website http://www.MikeDolceMMA.com mid-week for a full report and behind the scenes video.

    After reading your comments, I have to ask, “What did I say that was so bad or disrespectful?”

    Let me fill you in.

    When asked by the production team, “Who is the weakest fighter on Team Forrest?”

    I replied in full, “I can’t really say. I have just met most of these guys and haven’t even had a chance to train with my own team yet, let alone scout out Team Forrest. We all fought and won to get in the house, so I’d say we are all pretty tough guys, but since Forrest Griffin picked Luke last and to answer your question…I’D SAY LUKE ZACHRICH IS THE WEAKEST LINK.”

    Well, guess what part of that statement made it to your living room???

    Just another example of compelling reality television.

    Thank you all for caring enough to watch the show and support the sport.

    Like me of not, I’m working my ass off to make sure you get your money’s worth!

    Can’t wait for episode 4!


  36. Bad Girl

    Dawn- Reality TV is complicated. They are going to do what they can to blur the lines, create drama and make people talk. And obviouslly, it works we are talking. Just because you see it on Reality TV doesnt mean it might be the most accurate view of the way a person really is.

    We have only gotten one week in, Luke might end up saying something that the producers portray one way, and he is going to get the same kind of flack that Mikes getting right now. You never know.

    Will someone explain to me, what the difference between this and any fighter doing the pre-fight hype thing?

    Mike- You work your ass off for people to get their moneys worth each and every time you step into the public spotlight. There is nothing more that can be said, other then what I have said before.

    Looking foward to episode 4

    The bad girl

  37. Scarey Mary

    Dawn….it is a shame reality tv is not at all what it seems…......how they use the guys to portray what they’d like us to see rather than what actully happens…all for the sake of good tv!!
    And it is…..but at what price,some guys made out to look like bad guys….others a horrific STD joke that will follow him for life!

    Mike is not the kind of guy to put others down nor to place blame or make excuses for not giving 100%,
    however…....... we all have to agree,weather it’s Mike Jeremy,Luke….....all 32 guys not just the 16 worked there asses off to make it to the show,sadley they pulled a fast one on 16 poor guys whom thought they made it,quit there jobs, gave up things one would never because they made the show,(or so they thought)to be bitch slapped by Dana…... set up and sent home within the first 48 hours…not at all nice…....but it is what it is….and it made for great tv!!!
    and I am sure it is very disurning for all these guys,what they have given to be where they are…..to have there sweat and pain not even be aknowlaged and portrayed in a way to look lesser than what they actully are….

    I see you care about Luke and can relate!!! Much respect there to you!!!!I get it!!!

    Unfortunatley there will only be one standing at the end so,all will fall and only one can win…. they all have given more than any viewer will ever imagine or comprehend….
    I can’t stand the mma fan who watches fights and talks trash as if they were in the ring and they know best..So disrespectful
    I see your more than that and your words came from the heart….got it!!!!!!!!
    I wish Luke luck…and hope he goes far….
    I hope you don’t eat your own words if he losses,and some stupid fight fan talks trash about him if he loses….......
    all the glitz and glam of tv isn’t as great as it seems….
    as Mike started his blog the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat…..that’s what makes great mma …...............
    win or loose I will say again..all these guys are awsome,and anyone who has anything less to say is an idiot…....
    Dawn,now that I know your family…or a caring friend of a fighter,I know you get it!! So simply..You do have my respect! I wish Luke luck…...but…...I hope Mike comes back…....if not…. in the fashion of a true mma fan.
    GO Team Rampage!!!
    and Dawn..I don’t mean that in disrespect.it’s all for the sake of lovin the sport and we can BOTH appreciate that!!!

  38. Brian

    GO SCHULTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – people commented about Schultz getting tapped by the “weakest link” or “come on man, you got tapped by Luke”..... Can’t wait to see Schultz bitch slap that comment off someone’s face. peace

  39. Mike Dolce

    Patrick Schultz is the man…even though he’s from Boston!!!

    Go Yankees!


  40. Bad Girl

    Hey Dolce-
    Your rooting for New York? Your from New Jersey, you should root for teams like the Devils.
    Oh wait. They got knocked out by the Rangers.

    Still a bad girl

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  • send internet fax: I always spent my haalf an hour to rsad this blog’s posts every day along ith a cup of...
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