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Thankfully, the UFC teams with Yahoo! Sports to broadcast online PPV’s


The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Yahoo! to broadcast live UFC pay-per-view events via Yahoo! Sports. The partnership begins on March 1 with the online availability of UFC 82 from Columbus, Ohio.

picture-6.png“This relationship with Yahoo! is an important step for the UFC to build its global distribution platform for live pay-per-view events,” said Dana White, UFC President. “We are looking forward to working with Yahoo! Sports to expand our reach and bring the sport of mixed martial arts to fight fans in every corner of the world in every possible language.”

UFC 82 features a main event of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva facing Pride’s final middleweight champion Dan Henderson in a unification bout.

You won’t save any money by purchasing the PPV online. According to Yahoo! Sports, the online pay-per-view will cost $44.95. This is the same price as the televised pay-per-view.

The online streams will be available in four different qualities: 300k, 700k, and 1200k, which should facilitate varying connection speeds. Online purchasers will also have the event available for 24 hours of unlimited archive viewing.

This is really good news, especially if you have ever tried to purchase an online PPV from the UFC website.

On December 29th, I was attending the IFL Grand Prix finals at the Mohegan Sun arena. I wasn’t going to miss this fight for the world and, looking back, I am glad I made it to the event. The IFL WGP finals has to be one of the top-ten live mma events of 2007.

There was only one problem with attending the IFL fight and that problem was that Chuck Liddell was fighting Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 on the same night. Now if you are a die hard mixed martial arts fan, you wouldn’t miss this fight for the world. I couldn’t run the risk of watching this fight the following day because I did not want to accidentally stumble across a fight result.

Much to my chagrin, the hotel I was staying at didn’t supply pay-per-view access. They did have an option to purchase a ten-dollar wireless card so that I can gain access to the local wi-fi hotspot. Eureka – I would go to the IFL fight and race back to my hotel and watch” UFC 79: Nemesis” on my laptop. It was the best option at the time and it was my only option at the time.

As stated, the IFL Grad Prix was awesome. After the event, my brother and I were in a great mood. Normally we’d hit the casino for a round of gambling, but we already had a taxi waiting for us outside of the Mohegan Sun arena.

We got back to the hotel and fire up my laptop. We pay the fee for the PPV, but we see nothing on the screen. After a few minutes, we sign up and pay again and wait for the stream to begin. While all of this is happening, my brother checks his debit account and notices that the UFC has charged him twice. That stinks, but we could handle that later. We still had an issue waiting for the PPV stream to begin.

At this point, UFC 79 had already cost us ninety bucks – two 40-dollar charges for the PPV and the ten-dollar fee for using the wi-fi hotspot. It was two o’clock in the morning. We had been up since nine and still had three hours worth of UFC fights to watch.

picture-7.pngWe were about to give up when the oh so recognizable opera chorus that marks the beggining of every UFC PPV hit. Bingo! We bunched around the laptop and we see a black and white promo of Tim Sylvia. This was strange because Tim Sylvia was not scheduled to fight at UFC 79 . What was even more strange was that you could hear Tim Sylvia talking, but there was a Spanish speaking translator yapping over Sylvia’s dialogue. Hmm… maybe this will pass. The Sylvia interview fades out and a Jeff Monson black and white promo appears. Again, a Spanish speaking translator is talking over Monson.

We were had.

Instead of getting the product we paid for, UFC 79, we were watching a Spanish dubbed version of UFC 65 – Bad Intentions.

At this point we were defeated. We skipped a night of gambling to watch the PPV. We spent 2 hours trying to get the UFC 79 stream running. We were charged twice, we received the wrong PPV and to top it all off the PPV we did receive was not even audible in a language we speak. We went to bed disappointed. We had to watch the PPV the next day. Luckily we didn’t stumble across any of the fight results.

In all fairness, the UFC eventually refunded my brother both charges on his debit card.

It’s safe to say that less then one percent of the UFC PPV’s I watch will be online, but I am very glad that the UFC partnered with Yahoo! Sports. If I ever find myself in this same situation, I will feel a lot more confident that I will get and English speaking version of product that I intended on watching.

Thanks be to Yahoo!.

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